Interviews (available for free download)

Dr. Richard J. Goossen has conducted extensive research of Christian entrepreneurs over the past 20 years or so. More than 300 entrepreneurs have been interviewed, with a selection highlighted in a series of books under the title Entrepreneurial Leaders: Reflections on Faith at Work (see Bibliography). To purchase copies of these volumes please email Interviews with Christian entrepreneurial leaders are available via Vryso, an e-publisher, available elsewhere on this site.

Beiler Anne- Founder of Auntie Anne's Pretzels
Interviewed by Rick Goossen on January 27, 2011
Download (423KB)
Benne Jack- Founded Bevo Farms
Interviewed by Rick Goossen on February 17, 2012
Download (216KB)
Bentall David- President Next Step Advisors
Interviewed by Martin Wiranata on November 5, 2005
Download (2796KB)
Block Arthur- President Block Brothers
Interviewed by Steven Janzen and Geoffrey Kun on October 17, 2004
Download (1383KB)
Borthistle Barry- Co-Founder TriVita Inc.
Interviewed by Ryan Baggio on April 15, 2008
Download (1941KB)
Braun Henry- President Braun Investment Group Inc
Interviewed by Justin Jacobson on November 22, 2005
Download (2389KB)
Brereton Dave- Founder of Tecsys
Interviewed by Rick Goossen on October 21, 2013
Download (511KB)
Burnett Allan- Stanley Park Chapels
Interview Conducted on December 6, 2006 by Jorden Urness
Download (2241KB)
Chung Peter- CEO Eminata
Interviewed by Matt Heckel & Jack Xu on March 6, 2007
Download (2256KB)
Daniel Ian- President NCOL Internet
Interviewed by Anne Buhler on March 10, 2010
Download (2318KB)
Daniels Peter- President Dan El Estates
Interview done by Richard J. Goossen on May 18, 2010
Download (2958KB)
De Wolde C. Esther- CEO Phantom Screens
Interviewed by Dallas Froese on June 23, 2008
Download (2237KB)
DeFehr Art- CEO Palliser Furniture
Interviewed by Christian Dent on March 6, 2008
Download (1828KB)
Fast Paul- Partner Fast & Epp Structural Engineers
Interviewed by Teresa Dosh on November 10, 2005
Download (2408KB)
Fluevog John- Fluevog Boots and Shoes
Interviewed by Glenn Boettger on October 20, 2005
Download (2048KB)
Keis Ken- President Consulting Resource Group
Interviewed by Nick Marrs on April 4, 2008
Download (2784KB)
Legge Peter- CEO Canada Wide Media Limited
Interviewed by Rick Goossen on November 15, 2006
Download (1913KB)
Loewen Ray- CEO The Loewen Group
Interviewed by Rick Goossen on September 16, 2005
Download (1805KB)
Lutz Dale- Safe
Interviewed by Rick Goossen on June 17, 2011
Download (416KB)
Peterson Reg- CEO Versa-Care Limited
Interviewed by Amy Buhler on October 14, 2006
Download (1524KB)
Redekop Peter- CEO Redekop Properties Inc.
Interviewed by Qiang Yu & Jedmarc Evangelista on October 21, 2004
Download (1809KB)
Sawatzky Ben- CEO Spruceland Millworks
Interviewed by Rick Goossen on June 8, 2010
Download (3350KB)
Skidmore Allan- Vice Chairman Glentel Inc.
Interviewed by Chris Trauter on February 16, 2010
Download (2192KB)
Smith Terry- President Smith Gardens
Interviewed by Brad Katronis & Jordan Weller on March 29, 2007
Download (1665KB)
Tidball George- Founder McDonald's Canada
Interviewed by Rick Goossen on December 14, 2006
Download (2927KB)
Tieszen Brian- President Sun Rich Foods
Interviewed by Joshua Jansen Van Doorn
Download (2624KB)
Vandekerkhove William- CEO Super Save Group
Interviewed by Jacki Thiessen and Felicity Feng
Download (2686KB)
Wagner Volker- Founder Teldon Industries
Interviewed by Robert DuMerton and Jack Xu on February 27, 2007
Download (767KB)