Profiles of Entrepreneurial Experts

To be the best you need to learn from the best. Stand on the shoulders of the giants to see further. The profiles in this section clearly outline the first-hands insights of the world’s leading experts on entrepreneurial excellence. Have you ever wondered: what are the core gems taught at the Ivy League universities? What do the elite learn that you don’t?; Soak up the greatest entrepreneurial strategies in the world and expand your influence. The inside secrets are structured around direct interviews with entrepreneurial strategists from the world’s leading universities. The topics covered in this series: how to pursue innovation and entrepreneurship in a step-by-step manner; understand the life cycle of organizations – or ignore it at your peril!; demystifying entrepreneurship by understanding the five core attitudes of highly successful entrepreneurs; understand the principles of discovery-driven planning and avoid costly mistakes; principles for success in biotech and hi-tech entrepreneurship from MIT; understand the key aspects of an entrepreneur’s selling equation; learn about the “Bamboo network” and the power of worldwide Chinese entrepreneurs; ponder the meaning of enduring success from a Harvard guru.

Entrepreneurial Experts Introduction
by Richard J. Goossen
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Drucker Peter F.
The Drucker Legacy on Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Farrell Larry C.
The Spirit of Enterprise
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Grousbeck H. Irving
Demystifying Entrepreneurship
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Gunther McGrath Rita
The Entrepreneurial Mindset and Discover-Driven Planning
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Hockaday Tom
The Oxford Process of Idea to Opportunity
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Mintzberg Henry
Entrepreneurship & Organizations
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Morse Kenneth P.
The High Tech Entrepreneur
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Redding Gordon
The Spirit of the Overseas Chinese Entrepreneur
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Stevenson Howard
The Dimensions of Entrepreneurship

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Timmons Jeff
New Venture Creation
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Vesper Karl
New Venture Experiences
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