From Prince George to Myanmar: 1 of 100,000 Stories!

The ELO Forum in Vancouver started in 2005 and has been held every year except one. Over these 13 events, we have attracted attendees from around the world and from different parts of Canada. 

Vancouver is one of the locations of ELO events, including Toronto, Winnipeg, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. Over 10,000 people have attended live events. Further, adding ELO’s newsletter, social media outlets and website ( there are over 100,000 people impacted annually. How are they impacted? Here’s one story! 

A number of years ago a group from Prince George started attending the ELO Forum in Vancouver. Prince George is a town of 74,000 some 800 kilometers due north of Vancouver, about 8.5 hours’ drive away. So, it’s a bit of a hike to come down to the ELO Forum! 

The organizer was a fellow named Rolf van Driesum, a commercial and residential broker with Team Powerhouse Realty.

Rolf contacted me recently to let me know the impact of the ELO events and network on him and his other marketplace leaders in Prince George and subsequently around the world. 

Rolf explained that, “Directly out of ELO we have started a ‘Peacemaker Group’ in Prince George. At least four of our organizing group have been a part of ELO. Our initial meeting was attended by 115 people, with representatives from many churches. One of our key goals with Peacemakers is to encourage believers to be more effective witnesses in their workplace.” 

The Peacemaker Group is providing leadership in many areas in Prince George.

There is the Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast, which Peacemakers is revamping and hoping to bring attendance to 500. They host a Leadercast event, a global simulcast originated by John C. Maxwell. They hold monthly luncheon events, the first of which had an attendance of 70. They also do a “Work as Worship” simulcast. 

Rolf explained that, “Further, an independent Revival 250 group has developed out of our Peacemaker group. The Revival 250 group is organizing churches through the north half of the province to pray and plan for revival.” 

In addition, a “business as mission initiative (commercial rice drying) is developing in Myanmar.” 

Rolf also noted that, “last and not least, the real estate company that I am part owner of is functioning at a very high level. Again, I contribute a lot of that success to what I have learned at ELO.” 

I recount this story as it is a powerful testimony to the purposes of ELO to connect, equip and celebrate. Rolf made the effort to be part of the event, to connect with others, to learn and to be inspired. He then took that knowledge and enthusiasm back up to Prince George. 

Another important part of Rolf’ story is for people to realize the impact of an ELO Forum. The impact is not always just immediate and local—instead, it can be ongoing and be carried to various other locations. 

Kudos to Rolf and his colleagues who are spreading the importance of faith in the marketplace! This is one specific example of 100,000 as to how ELO is positively impacting marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders to be more effective Kingdom-inspired difference-makers in their various communities