This tour is unique in that it is not just a visit, but a transformational experience.  This is a completely unique tour that incorporates a number of aspects that would not be possible to put together on an individual itinerary.  This Israel trip will have a unique focus, content & delivery

  • A carefully-designed executive education / learning experience by professional educators with high level experience in education leaders
  • There will be an opportunity to meet and interact with Israeli business leaders
  • There will be ongoing learning component from leading “Guest Instructors”
  • There will be learning opportunities from peers who are fellow leaders within the ELO constituency
  • Participants will have a well-organized trip resource & note-taking binder
  • There will be pre-trip resource materials
  • There will be post-trip learning as sessions are recorded for future podcasts
  • There will be an onsite pastoral presence to incorporate spiritual insights
  • “Certificate of Completion” upon conclusion of trip
  • Tax-deductible expense / professional development credits opportunity