Common Speaking Topics


This is a list of the topics most frequently addressed by Rick Goossen in his presentations:


“Entrepreneurial Leadership:  Finding Your Calling, Making A Difference” or “Can You Be An Effective Christian Leader Without Being Entrepreneurial?”

Focuses on the role of innovation/creativity in the dynamics of leading a business, church, or NPO


“Live Your Calling:  A Biblical Answer to the Quest for Meaning” or “Life & Work Calling:  Maximizing Your God-give Potential”

focuses on the centrality of calling, how to discover your calling, how to balance work & life commitments and how to find true meaning


“The Serpent and the Dove:  Ethical Challenges for Marketplace Christians”

Based on research with over 300 Christian entrepreneurs, I review the ethical challenges most often cited and how to deal with them


Devotional / Sermon - “What is Your Epitaph?”

Based on 2 Tim 4:7, I focus on the meaning of “I have finished the race, I have kept the faith, I have fought the good fight.”


“Entrepreneurial Leaders Research Program:  Methodology, Analysis & Findings”

A review of the research undertaken since 2005, including over 300 interviews & 5 edited and 2 authored books published.