1. Leadership Context: The Entrepreneurial Spirit in Israel
  2. Leadership Context: A Judeo-Christian Approach to Faith
  3. Leadership Perspective on Christianity & Judaism – Learning From the Failure of Values (@ Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum)
  4. Leadership Perspective on Christianity & Judaism – The Role of Israel for Christians Today (@ ICEJ)
  5. Leadership in Business: Winery (including site visit)
  6. Leadership in Business: Hi-Tech (including site visit)
  7. Leadership in Academia: Hebrew University (including site visit)
  8. Leadership in Politics – Global Politics
  9. Leadership in Politics – Jewish / Arab Perspectives
  10. Leadership in Faith – Being A Difference-Maker
  11. Leadership as an Individual – Being A Difference-Maker

NOTE:  In addition to team leaders Rick Goossen and Giulio Gabeli, other presentations will be provided by leading experts.