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The ELO Forums are focused on equipping Christian marketplace and entrepreneurial leaders to have a greater impact in the marketplace.  The ELO Forums are for Christian leaders—from teachers to managers to entrepreneurs—who want to apply their faith at work.  Innovation is at the heart of entrepreneurship: doing something new, different and creative. An entrepreneurial leader can innovate and turn an idea into action. 

Entrepreneurs are leaders—they are people of influence. They can influence all they touch, in all dimensions of life. A Christian value system provides a foundation and focuses on entrepreneurial initiative. You either are an entrepreneurial leader or can become one—you can be creative, action-oriented and expand your sphere of influence. How do you do so? 

That’s what the ELO Forums are about.  ELO delivers the leading events of their kind, with a unique focus on Christian-based entrepreneurial leadership. The "ELO Entrepreneurial Leaders Forum" will take place on Tuesday, April 30, 2019.

CRG Consulting Resource Group, a Silver Sponsor of the ELO Forum, has helped improve the lives of millions of people and increase the performance of thousands of organizations worldwide since 1979.  CRG is the global leader in assessments for personal and professional development with over 100 fast-paced assessment, learning, and development tools—all designed to help people understand themselves more deeply.  Dr. Ken Keis, President, CRG Resources will be speaking at this year’s ELO Forum in Winnipeg during the afternoon session on, “Business & Life Purpose:  What do you really value?”  He will be providing a complimentary print version of CRG’s “Values Preference Indicator” (VPI) (FMV $35) during his afternoon presentation/workshop.  The VPI was created to help individuals learn how to identify their strongest values, needs and fears so they might better understand how these internal influences direct their daily lives, and impact their personal and working relationships.  Dr. Keis will also be providing a complimentary online version of CRG’s flagship assessment, called the “Personality Style Indicator”(FMV $45).  The PSI reveals an individuals’ personal style and their natural preferences toward time, people, tasks, and situations. The PSI will be emailed to attendees after the Forum and can be completed online with instant assessment results.  So, for a full conference that costs only $328, that is an additional value of $80!