Lessons from Israel

"Jerusalem is a universal city, the capital of two peoples, the shrine of three faiths; it is the site of Judgement Day and the battlefield of today's clash of civilizations...[Jerusalem] is the only city that exists twice--in heaven and on earth." - from the inside front cover of Jerusalem:  The Biography (London:  Orion, 2011) by Simon Sebag Montefiore

Jerusalem is a very unique city for historical, geopolitical and spiritual reasons—and it is situated in one of the most unique countries in the world.  What can we learn from the experience of the citizens of Jerusalem and Israel? Quite a bit. Listed below are three blog posts by Dr. Richard J. Goossen based on his trip to Israel and Jordan in early 2018.  Dr. Goossen describes 35 interesting things he learned and observed over the course of his visit.  

Part I: Trump, Bomb Shelters, Starbucks & Kibbitzum

Part II: Yad Vesham, Aliyah, Shabbat & Babies

Part III: Pilgrimage, Veneration & Christian Antisemitism